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RV Rental Management - Owner Program

Updated: Sep 2, 2021


Key Facts

  • Two Storage Options:

  1. You keep your camper stored exactly where it is. We'll send you a reminder a few days prior letting you know what date and time we'll be coming by to pick-up the vehicle and take it to a public location for renter check-in.

  2. We store your camper for increased 10% fee.

  • Revenue Split: After our preferred booking platform takes their share, We'll split all revenue generated 60/40. 60% goes to you, 40% goes to us (or 50% with storage service) for our time, full suite of services, and a job well done. :)

  • Payouts: As long as there are rentals, you'll be kept up to date on upcoming rentals and when you can expect electronic payments directly to your bank account.


As your RV rental manager, we'll list your RV on our website and Outdoorsy. While listed, your RV will get exposure to people from all over the country looking for an RV to rent for their trip originating in Los Angeles. We'll handle all booking requests and screening questions to make sure we have reliable renters. ​ ROAD HOUSE'S RESPONSIBILITIES: - List RV on preferred rental platforms - Handle all interactions with renters - Meet renters for pickups - Provide renters with necessary operating instructions - Ensure insurance coverage for each booking on Outdoorsy - Deliver RV if requested - Clean RV after each rental - Wash laundry after each rental - Refill water, gasoline and propane tanks if needed - Dump and sanitize tanks after each rental - Handle logistics of repairs if necessary - Keeping RV stocked with RV/Marine grade toilet paper and sanitizer packs - Notify owner of all confirmed bookings and payout dates ​ OWNERS RESPONSIBILITIES: - Make monthly payment on RV (If still making payments) - Notify us when you'll be needing it for personal use



Won’t Renters Abuse My Motorhome?

The fact is that renters will use your rig, but it's always in their best interest to take care of it as if it's their own. From the moment they pick-up the keys and the reservation begins, they're responsible for for any damage. However, you can expect normal wear and tear over time. It's up to you to evaluate if the benefit of passive income from your RV outweighs the normal wear and tear of use over time, most RV owners believe it does, me being one of them!

Who handles maintenance?

In order to for your rig to remain eligible for renters insurance covered, we'll need to make sure to stay up to date the basics: 120 point inspections every 90 days, frequent tire rotations, oil changes, etc. We're happy to take the vehicle to the repair shop to keep it compliant as an included part of our service. However the actual cost of maintenance will be passed on to you and taken out of your next payout. You can expect a detailed receipt directly from the mechanic for all services executed.

Who pays for the insurance?

The short answer is...the renter does! You just need to make sure you keep your personal insurance for when you want to take your rig out on your next adventure. Also, every renter must submit their drivers license info and pass a rigorous DMV check to become a verified driver and get approved for insurance covered. If they don't get approved, they cant rent the vehicle! Insurance coverage kicks in on their check-in date and ends on their return date.

What happens if I want to use my RV?

Busy season runs from spring through summer months so we kindly ask that mark the calendar dates you'd like to use your RV a few months ahead of time over a quick call, text, or email. Then we'll block out those dates on the availability calendar and allow renters to book other available dates.

What are my responsibilities as a partnered owner?

There’s a few requirements in order for us to be able to rent out your rig:

  1. We're currently looking for Campervans, Class B, and Class C.

  2. Must be in good working order, all items functional: fridge, stove, air conditioners, furnace, doors and cabinets.

  3. Must be safe: Tires must be 6 years old or newer and have at least 50% tread.

  4. As people rent your RV, items will wear out, and maintenance such as oil changes, new tires, etc. will inevitably come to be due. We will keep an eye on these things and offer to get them taken care of as needed. Or you can have it serviced on your own at a qualified shop of your choice.

How much money will I make?

It's tough to give an estimate on the amount of money you'll make because it varies so widely seasonally from RV to RV. If you'd like to chat and go over the details of your specific situation, we may be able to give you a better idea.

However, we can give you an example of how much our in house Campervan generated in the month of August, 2021. After booking platform fees, our take was $3,474.00. So, if this was your rig, it would mean a 60% payout of $2,084.40!

How do I get started?

Please provide some basic information below so we can get to know you and your rig a bit better. From there we'll get back to you by your preferred method of contact within 24 hours!

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