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RV Rental Management - Services We Offer

Updated: Sep 1, 2021



From the occasional oil change and tire rotation's to the 120 point inspection every 90 days. We'll help you get the job done so your rig can remain insurance compliant and worry free.

Cleaning & Sanitization

After each booking we'll handle all cleaning and sanitizing services to ensure the vehicle is ready for it's next booking. Whether it's a same day turn around or a few days in between, rest assured knowing we got it covered.

Concierge Service

We'll meet with each set of guests for check-in and return. Additional services such as early check in, late return, airport pick-ups, and vehicle deliveries are paid in full to management.

Check-in: We'll walk through the vehicle, give a thorough tutorial, have them sign rental agreements, and departure forms. Cross the T's and dot the I's.

Returns: Upon return, we'll inspect the vehicle for damage to ensure it is being returned in the same condition the renter received it. A return form will be filled out and any damage noted. As long there is no damage, the renters full deposit will be automatically released 7 days later.


  • Vehicle photography

  • Listing services (creation, editing, maintenance)

  • Continued listing optimization

  • Booking management

  • Advertising / promotional services

For more on marketing, click here.

Rental Insurance

Every booking has rental insurance covered and paid for by the renter through our booking partnered booking platform, Outdoorsy.

For more on rental insurance, click here.

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